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  • TRESIL (2 Pack) 4 Feet Tall Artificial Cedar Boxwood Topiary Tree in Black Planter

    (2 Pack) 4 Feet Artificial Topiary Trees: Enhance your space with our 2-pack faux cedar trees, perfect for bringing a touch of nature outdoors.

    Year-Round Greenery: Enjoy the look of lush cedar trees year-round without upkeep. Fluff the leaves or shape the branches to suit your taste.

    Pre-Potted in Black Planter for Convenience: Each cedar tree is securely pre-potted in a sophisticated black planter, ready to complement any decor.

    Ideal for Outdoor Living Spaces: Place them in outdoor areas like patios, decks, garden spaces, or entryways to elevate the ambiance.

    Versatile Styling Options: Complements any outdoor setting. Combine with other faux plants to create a dynamic landscape.