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  • Artificial Ficus Silk Tree 6 Feet

    The Ficus tree (Ficus Benjamina), which is also known as the weeping fig, makes a good houseplant for the office and home, mostly because it looks like a typical tree with a single trunk, drooping branches, and a beautiful canopy of leaves. It belongs to the Ficus plant family, which also includes rubber trees and fig fruit trees. Yet, a lot of people refer to a weeping fig simply as a ficus when they are talking about houseplants. 

    The foliage of the ficus tree has glossy, long-tipped leaves and a light gray trunk, which makes it a very pretty and graceful evergreen shrub or tree. It is normally sold as a shrub or small tree. Weeping figs are not just the item of conversation in the art advisors’ offices - but they can also be a very eye-catching plant décor that can suddenly give a fresh feeling to any space that it occupies.