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  • Fake Palm Tree and Ficus Silk Tree 5 Feet

    Ficus tree (Ficus benjamina), which is also known as the weeping fig, makes a good houseplant for the office and home, mostly because it looks like a typical tree with a single trunk, drooping branches, and a beautiful canopy of leaves. It belongs to the Ficus plant family, which also includes rubber trees and fig fruit trees. Yet, a lot of people refer to a weeping fig simply as a ficus when they are talking about houseplants. 

    Native to the island country of Madagascar, 
    Dypsis lutescens, also known as the golden cane palm or areca palm, is a tall plant with large, clumping, and upward-arching fronds. Its wide leaves are bright green, coupled with a yellowish stem. Due to its eye-catching form, it is a plant that tends to stand out among others, which makes it popular among green thumbs and plant enthusiasts as a centerpiece plant. Its leaves are also favored for adding dimension and occupying space in a room. Moreover, the golden cane palm is well-known for its towering height compared to the usual house plants, standing at around 5 feet tall, which is about the size of a human being. Made of sturdy, high quality, and natural-looking material, the golden cane palm product closely resembles the actual plant and is the perfect fit for adding a touch of nature to any space it occupies.