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  • Fake Ficus Silk Tree and Dracaena Indoor Plant 5 Feet

    Ficus tree (Ficus benjamina), which is also known as the weeping fig, makes a good houseplant for the office and home, mostly because it looks like a typical tree with a single trunk, drooping branches, and a beautiful canopy of leaves. It belongs to the Ficus plant family, which also includes rubber trees and fig fruit trees. Yet, a lot of people refer to a weeping fig simply as a ficus when they are talking about houseplants. 

    The foliage of the ficus tree has glossy, long-tipped leaves and a light gray trunk, which makes it a very pretty and graceful evergreen shrub or tree. It is normally sold as a shrub or small tree. Weeping figs are not just the item of conversation in the art advisors’ offices - but they can also be a very eye-catching plant décor that can suddenly give a fresh feeling to any space that it occupies.

    With their elongated leaves and variegated patterns, dracaena plants create lush, vibrant green foliage that instantly brightens any décor. Beautiful dracaena silk plants like this are a sight to behold. They are ideal for any space that needs a touch of greenery. They have slender fresh green leaves that arch forward in every direction. Plus, the rich, natural foliage covers authentic stems that feel natural. A natural looking plant that's great in the office or at home, this plant will have everyone reaching for their watering cans. This will definitely bring a little bit of paradise into any environment! 

    Plants are usually trendy for certain seasons, but this one is always fashionable, so it's great for any season. With a timeless piece that doesn't require much maintenance, one can't go wrong regardless of the season or the style of their home. Dracaena silk plants can be kept looking fresh with every month's dusting with a feather duster.